Small Groups

Our small groups meet on Sunday mornings during alternating hours of the worship service so that you can attend worship service and fellowship.

Young Adults

Growing up and doing life together with personal fellowship and the word of God.

Sundays @ 10:30AM

Parents of Preschoolers

Have small children? You’re not alone! Join us for discussion and bible study.

Sundays @ 9 AM

Parents of Students

If your kids are in school, this group is for you! We pray for kids, families, and have devotions and discussion.

Sundays @ 10:30AM

Parents of Young Adults

When the kids start leaving the house, this is the group you want to hang with!

Sundays @ 10:30AM

Ambassadors (55+)

Coming together for the second half of life! Our Ambassadors class has worship songs and bible study.

Sundays @ 9AM


A devout group of ladies that meets around the word and prayer every week.

Sundays @ 9AM