1 John 4:9 "In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him."

What is Salvation?

Salvation means that your relationship with God is made right. This is God’s plan for your life because He loves you and wants a relationship with you. Salvation brings new life which includes (among other things) eternal life, peace with God, peace in your life, forgiveness of all your sins, purpose in this life and the next. Our salvation is the reason Jesus came to earth and died on the cross. (John 3:16)’

Why do I need to be saved?

The Bible is clear that we all have inherited a sin nature and have fallen short of God’s glory though our sins. (Romans 3:23) These sins separate us from God. When we are saved, our sins are forgiven and they no longer separate us from God. If someone dies without this forgiveness of sins, they will be separated from God for all of eternity. Everybody needs to be saved from that destiny!

How do I get saved?

The important thing is seeing your need for a savior and then recognizing that he is Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross, his death fulfilled the payment for all our sins. So we cannot “pay for our sins” again – we cannot earn salvation. It is a gift of God (Romans 6:23). To receive this gift, we make Jesus our Lord. We then become God’s child.