Eric and Rebekah Elrod

Eric grew up locally in Rydal, GA and since August of 2013, has been training for missions at Our Generation Training Center. During this time, he served as an intern in New Delhi, India under missionary Jim Roberts IV for just under 6 months. While in India, Eric completed his language course and was able to share his testimony in a church service. He also lived and spent time in the culture. Rebekah grew up on the mission field with her family and is excited to return to India, learn her third spoken language, and share the hope of Christ with the people of India. The Lord has called Eric & Rebekah to the region of Northern India , where they will work in the city of New Delhi, with a population of over 18 million. They will be going to the field with the focus on a multiple church planting ministry. Their desire is to see God begin a church planting movement among the people of Northern India through life-on-life discipleship and the training of national pastors. They ask you to join them in praying that God would get themto the field quickly to continue the work that He has allowed them to be a part of thus far.