Disciple Conf Has Gone DIGITAL!

Due to the response of the Corona virus, Disciple Conf has been canceled and put online. Over the next several weeks we will be working to upload the teaching and talks that our conference was planning to host.


The PRE-TEST of the Judgement Seat of Christ : Two Key Questions to be Ready to Answer at the Judgment Seat of Christ

Sunday, March 15

The GOAL to Growing Up - Exodus 13:17-18
Pastor Joe McKaig

PM Session 1 Notes

Monday, March 16

Foundations-Philosophy of Discipleship-Larry Waye
Alumni/Pastoral-Discipling Leaders-Kale Horvath

Discipling Leaders

Moses & Joshua: Words of Deliverance

The COMMITMENT to Growing Up - Exodus 19:1-9
Pastor Joe McKaig

PM Session 2 Notes

Tuesday, March 17

Foundations-Seven Levels of Discipleship-Jay Schug
Alumni/Pastoral-Discipling Leaders Part 3 & 4 - Matt Braucher

AM Session 1 & 2 Notes

The KEY to Growing Up - Exodus 20:1-17
Pastor Joe McKaig

PM Session 3 Notes

Wednesday, March 18

Foundations-Goals of Discipleship-James DeKoker
Tools of Discipleship-Greg Wimpy
Alumni-Discipleship Through Proverbs-Corey Gordon
Pastoral-Withness Discipleship - Randy Copeland

The WORK of Growing Up - Exodus 35:30-35
Pastor Joe McKaig

PM Session 4 Notes