The biblical position of a deacon is that of serving the congregation to meet the needs of the individual members and maintain unity of the church body so that the pastoral staff can give their time to the Word of God and prayer (Acts 6:1-7). God has blessed our church with a wonderful group of men to serve as deacons, and it is their desire to do all that they can to minister to our congregation.

Full of the Holy Ghost
Not given to much wine
Husband of one wife
Holds the mystery of the faith
Of Honest report
Full of wisdom
Not double-tongued
Not greedy of filthy lucre
Rules his children & house well

Active Deacons

Chris Allred
David Allred
Nirmal Andrews
Jim Baxter
Kevin Busse
Darryl Farr
Josh Gaines
Kenney Lee
David Long
Darius McAphee
Larry Murphy
Daniel Reid
Mike West