Bob & Tessa Yeater

About the Yeater Family & Their Ministry:

Tessa and I were both born in West Virginia and were married in 1997. Soon after we found ourselves leading the junior church department and youth group in our home church, which we did so for 7 years.

Having finished my degree in Bible from Mountaineer Baptist College in 2003, we were still searching for what God wanted for our lives. I was self-employed in the HVAC trade and my wife Tessa was in the home caring for our children.

In the fall of 2005 everything changed. Just a short time after moving into our first home God was moving us out of it and putting us into missions full time. We started deputation shortly and arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica at the end of 2007.

By the start of 2009 we were well on our way to Yucatan, Mexico, where we currently minister with our partners Jeff and Elisabeth Carney. This work is nothing short of God and all the glory belongs to Him. We work diligently to train and disciple the Mexican people so that we can in turn put the ministry into their hands.

Currently pastored by Bro. Francisco Yam, Community Baptist Church moves ahead as 100% autonomous and indigenous church plant.

We have always believed God put not only myself and Tessa here, but our entire family also. With that in mind, all of our children are involved in the work we do for the Lord. Allysa-17, Allison-16 and Ashton-11, each bring their unique gifts and talents to be used weekly. We are so very thankful for their sacrifice and willingness to serve here too!

Currently we are ministering to the poor, young and old, in the barrios of Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

The field is indeed white and ready... may God only find us to be ready and willing.

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