Child Evangelism Fellowship

The Mission Statement of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF):

As a Christian, non-profit organization, our job is to partner with churches throughout Greater New York City in order to reach their communities for Christ.  Greater New York City is home to more than 2.7 Million children and teenagers, a majority of which are unchurched. Our mission is to help your church reach those kids in your community that may never enter the doors of your building.

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Betsy Maddox

From the age of six, when Betsy gave her life to the Lord, she was already a missionary. At school she would sit her friends down and tell them about Jesus. Her whole family was involved in CEF ministry including her father who served as the President of the international organization. Betsy went to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where she met her husband Tom. God called them to move to New York City in 1987 to be missionaries with CEF. Their ministry focused on the welfare hotels in Manhattan until they were closed a few years later. What looked like a door slamming shut was actually a way to spread God’s Word through more of the city. Tom and Betsy used clubs, sports, drop-in centers, etc. to make opportunities to share the Gospel. Their ministry grew as did their family. They soon had four children: Josiah, Micah, Hannah and Libby. In May of 1995, Tom was diagnosed with Lymphoma and died five months later. Betsy continued with CEF of NYC as the Staten Island Ministry Coordinator and in 2009 became the Metro Director.

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