Ryan & Heather Hill

Ryan & Heather are Missionaries to Thailand.

About their Ministry

Ultimate goal: There is a tremendous need for churches in Thailand and it is our goal to establish self-supporting, self-propagating churches that are led by nationals. With this comes the responsibility to disciple believers and to develop leadership within the churches (2 Timothy 2:2) We would like to help plant churches that will in turn plant other churches or in other words to see a church planting movement in Thailand. 

When we arrived in Thailand back in 2007, we began trying to understand the Thai culture and how best to begin a ministry. The first thing we learned was that Christianity is considered a western religion despite the fact it began in the middle east. Most Thai people will not visit a church unless first they have developed a relationship with someone in the church. Therefore there are some preliminary steps we must take before renting a building and hanging up a church sign.

We are fortunate in the fact that we have partnered with a church plant in the city of Baan Bueng, Chonburi that has a desire to see the community reached for Christ. This is a church that is Thai run and Thai funded. We are simply helping to facilitate in building the believers and training them to reach their own people.

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