Divorce Care & DC4K

What is Divorce Care?

Divorce Care is a special weekly  support group and seminar. At Divorce Care, you will become a part of a small support group of people who are also experiencing separation and divorce. Through this program, you will learn to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. 

Classes Include

What’s Happening To Me

The Road To Healing/Finding Help

Facing My Anger

Facing My Depression

Facing My Loneliness

What Does The Owners Manual Say?

New Relationships

Financial Survival


Single Sexuality


Moving On, Growing Closer To God

Testimonies of Past Participants

“The best thing I ever did”

“The night before the first meeting I was in my den with a bag of meds and a gun… 

I put the clip in pulled back and a friend text me to remind me about our meeting”

“I was on drugs for depression and nerves… after a couple of meetings I dropped all meds.”

Sharing with people who know what your going through, or have been through is healthy for the soul.”

“If its been a month since your divorce or 20 years, don’t delay in signing up for this class.”

CLICK HERE to visit Divorce Care's website for more information and to sign up to participate.