Discipleship Ministry

Discipleship is a critical part of ministry at Oakland Heights. See the growth plan and class descriptions below for a more in-depth look at how the discipleship process unfolds. It should take about three years to complete the classes, at which point you are encouraged to start over discipling someone else. 

For more information, contact the church office.

Personal Discipleship

Learn the basics of the Christian Faith—Who is God? What is the origin of evil? Why am I here? Where do I begin? How does God communicate with me? How do I communicate with God? Personal discipleship is offered in a one-on-one setting. 

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Discipleship Tools & Training (DTT)

So you’ve completed Personal Discipleship, and you’re ready to go further… this class is for you! Take your spiritual growth to the next level. This class will answer these questions - How can I live in victory over sin? What does God want to accomplish through me? What is to by my attitude toward money and  possessions? What is the significance of communion? How can I use my life to invest in eternity? DTT is offered on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in a class setting.

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Ministry Tools & Training (MTT)

If you’ve completed Personal Discipleship  and DTT, you are ready for Ministry Tools & Training (MTT). This two year course is an in-depth study of God’s Word. 

It is designed to prepare you to reach others with the message of the

gospel and serve within the body of Christ. 

MTT is offered on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in a class setting. 

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Leadership Tools & Training (LTT)

Leadership Tools & Training is available after you have completed Personal Discipleship, DTT, and MTT. OHBC has a partnership with Living Faith Bible Institute to train church leaders, pastors and missionaries. 

For more information about LTT or to sign up, 

please contact the church office.