What is crown financial?

Crown Financial Ministries is committed to providing God's people practical guidance, sound coaching and effective tools for budgeting, cash flow management and financial freedom.  Their mission is to equip servant leaders to live by God’s design for their finances in work and life to advance personal and global transformation. They have many Bible Studies and other resources available to encourage and assist you in godly stewardship.

Unfortunately most Christians have been taught only God's principles of handling 10 percent of their income-the area of giving.   Although this is crucial, they do not understand the Lord's perspective of handling the other 90 percent.   In the Crown Do Well Biblical Financial Study, you will learn what scripture teaches about managing all of your possessions.

This study is very practical.  Each time you learn a principle, there is a financial exercise to help you apply what you have learned.  The cost of the study is nominal.  Students receive a manual (which includes both biblical and practical application homework) and a copy of The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible.  

The Do Well Life Group meets once a week for two hours.  Approximately two hours of preparation are required outside of class each week.  Life group members complete a homework assignment, memorize Scripture, and pray for one another daily.   The entire study lasts 10  weeks.

Topics Include:

Getting out of debt


Saving and Investing



Earning Money

Training Children

If you are interested in signing up for the Do Well Financial Study, contact the church office.