Your ministry profile and assessment

Thank you for making yourself available to discover your unique

and divine design for ministry at Oakland Heights Baptist Church.


To begin your ministry profile journey, you will want to first use the link below to register and setup your user access.

After this page is completed, you will want to write down your username and password to remember them for future access.   Once this is done, you will want to select the "Register" button in the bottom left of the Registration window.  This will take you to a Successful Registration page where you will select the "Create Profile" link at the top.  This will take you to your personal Ministry Profiles & Assessments page for Oakland Heights Baptist Church.


You do not have to take all 5 assessments (2 shorter 6-8 minutes & 3 longer 15-20 minutes) at once, 

but please finish one assessment when you start it and click the "submit" button, so that your results will be saved.  Avoid the cancel button, or sadly, your answers will disappear.  You may go back to an assessment once you have submitted it.  The page will remember all your answers.  Keep in mind that the Spiritual Gifts Assessment is the one most influenced your emotions, so after a few months, you may want to retake the assessment, especially if you are in the midst of a trying time now.

You may log in later using the same user name and password you created, to take any assessments you have not begun through the link below:

Once the 5th assessment is complete, you will automatically see your results on your screen.  When the website finishes the necessary calculations, you will also receive your results in a pdf form via email.  Please print your results, and pray about where God is leading you to serve in ministry at Oakland Heights Baptist Church and your availability to serve.

If you want to retake any assessment you can do that along with completing the inventories section.  Then you can select "Process & Email My Results" at the bottom of the page and the site will send you updated results.


The church will also receive a copy of your personalized results as well.  We will review your results and look at where you would best fit based on our current ministry needs.  You will then be contacted by a Ministry Leader who will be excited to partner with you as you implement your unique and divine design.  If you have any questions, please email Greg Wimpy at

May God be glorified through the discovery of your unique divine design and your availability to cultivate your ministry at Oakland Heights Baptist Church.