Your ministry imprint and assessment

Thank You for Making Yourself Available to Discover
Your Unique and Divine Design for Ministry
at Oakland Heights Baptist Church.

To begin your Ministry Profile journey, please use the link below to provide your FIRST & LAST NAME as well as EMAIL ADDRESS:

Once this is setup, you will receive an invitation email from IMPRINT ASSESSMENT within a week similar to what is shown below:

Your church has purchased a license for you to take the Personality Imprint assessment. It will assess your personal Skills, Experience, Passions, Competencies and Personality Type.

As a result, you will:

    Understand how you solve problems

    Identify what motivates you

    Know how you do your best work

When you complete the Personality Imprint assessment your unique information will be given to you as My Results. You will also receive your results in an email. Your results will also help the church to better connect you to ministry. On behalf of Dr. Rodney Agan and Connexus Group, we welcome you to the Ministry Imprint family.

Next Steps:

    Click the link below to begin

    Create a personal account so you can login anytime

    Take the assessment

                                                                                                                                         Thank you,

                                                                                                                                         Ministry Imprint Team

Please follow the instructions to create your access, login, and complete your assessments.  Once completed, you will receive a copy of your personalized results as well as the church.

Our OHBC Volunteer Coordinator, will be working with Ministry & System Leaders to review your results and assist you in determining the best role for you to serve in.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kevin Christ, with any questions.

May God Be Glorified Through The Discovery Of Your Unique Divine Design And Your Availability To Cultivate

Your Ministry At Oakland Heights Baptist Church!